Welding Hiring

The People 2U team can help make your welding operationscompliant, yet user friendly and productive.

Engineering Services

A professional team of recruitment experts ready to have people to you at the drop of the hat.

Welding Services

We help any sized business solve complex engineering problems with innovative solutions by providing a diverse range of services which add unparalleled value, flexibility and support.

We start with the end goal in mind, which is making your welding operations compliant, yet user friendly and productive. Here at People 2U we have our own in-house weld testing facilities, plus we also have welding inspectors which can come to your site to test your welders.If you are an engineer, design or construction contractor or a fabrication company, we can assist you meet your project’s quality and legal objectives, so that you can take care of what really matters to your business.In addition, People 2U also has a mobile welding ute for hire which offers a cost-effective and site ready option for your mobile welding needs.

The Advantage

Based on our extensive experience and practical welding knowledge along with the fact our inspectors have produced thousands of welding procedures it’s an easy choice to work with People 2U for your welding needs, because:

We can help reduce your overall welding costs by increasing process efficiency.

A promise that our services are available 24/7, providing you with ultimate convenience and value for money.

We refine the welding procedures and processes and make them as efficient as possible.

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