Emma Pham has claimed her own piece of People 2U history, receiving the first ever Employee of the Month award for Melbourne’s newest labour hire company.

For over six years, Emma has been embedded within the industry building an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to offer quality services in labour hire, recruitment and HR.

She uses her industry contacts to demonstrate a strong ability to help others enjoy a simple labour hire process, from start to finish, by ensuring every step is taken care of because she understands how much businesses in today’s environment need an efficient workforce.

People 2U’s Chief Operations Officer Patrick Schirripa says Emma’s diligence on a daily basis helps multiple businesses streamline their labour hire recruitment processes, calling her ‘Mrs Reliable’ for the Melbourne labour hire company.

“One of our values is engaged and Emma is laser focused. When a job comes through, she’ll put her head down, commit to it and see that employee right the way through.

“Within our industry it is all about being able to provide for someone and helping someone get a job to help them with their own lifestyle and Emma is at the forefront of that,” he said.

After receiving the award, Emma could hardly believe that she had been deemed as the award recipient.

“I felt so surprised because I never thought I could get an award like that. But I always try my best every day for People 2U, I work hard to help people and to achieve this has made me more motivated,” she exclaimed.

Through her role within the operations department, Emma helps businesses streamline their labour hire recruitment processes to bring them a shortlist of highly skilled candidates perfectly suited to their needs.

Emma enjoys working for one of the leading labour hire companies Melbourne has to offer within the manufacturing and construction industries.

For a Melbourne based, hassle-free labour and recruitment option, speak with Emma or the rest of our dedicated operation team members about our wide range of cost-effective services. Call now on 1300 728 222 and see why People 2U are the experts in labour hire Melbourne wide.