Last week, Sydney hosted the 2024 Australian Manufacturing Week expo, bringing together industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, and experts to exhibit and discuss innovations and share knowledge across the three-day event.

The event featured over 270 exhibitors, spotlighting the leading companies and individuals at the forefront of manufacturing’s technological evolution.

Amidst the array of discussions, stalls and networking, Benjamin Tucker, National General Manager of People 2U, used the opportunity to explore insights from industry leaders and understand new industry innovations.

Here are three key takeaways from the national event in relation to Australia’s manufacturing sector:

  1. EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY IS KEY: Tech adoption is crucial. Embracing technology, including artificial intelligence, is paramount for manufacturers nationwide. It’s a game-changer that propels the industry forward.
  2. SUSTAINABILITY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE: With Australia’s population swelling and consumer attitudes shifting towards eco-consciousness, sustainability has become a cornerstone of modern business practices. Companies are under increasing scrutiny regarding their environmental impact, making sustainability initiatives essential for attracting talent and maintaining consumer trust.
  3. COST MANAGEMENT MASTERY: In an economic landscape where costs are soaring, savvy businesses that optimize their operations will thrive. Effective cost management sets successful companies apart, offering a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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