Finding the right employee helps a business to grow while reducing the costs of high turnover and recruitment. Working with a labour hire company means organisations can find skilled and qualified employees quickly.

The hiring and recruitment process represents a significant expense for most businesses, while reliable employees are one of a company’s greatest assets. These competing factors can place additional strain on industries that might need employees for short term contracts or project-based work. When they need reliable labour hire, Melbourne businesses can turn to a labour hire and recruitment company like People 2U.

To ensure a business is working with the right labour hire company for their needs, People 2U advises businesses to look for registered labour hire providers that hold the relevant certifications from governing bodies like Victoria’s Labour Hire Authority. People 2U provides qualified trades, ticketed personnel, technical and production employees, all for labour hire within the construction, manufacturing and maintenance industries.

When searching for a labour hire company Melbourne, People 2U advises business owners and decisions makers to ask about the company’s employee screening process. Screening for qualifications and skills should form the base while screening for the important employability characteristics that the business requires will make all the difference in finding the right employees.

When they choose to work with labour agencies that have that industry experience and knowledge, Melbourne businesses can shorten the recruitment process, decrease the inherent risk of new hires and benefit from the industry knowledge of a labour hire business that can help match the right employee to their specific needs.

Working with a labour hire company in Melbourne can also give businesses access to a greater pool of candidates than other recruitment channels. There is also the benefit of having these skilled candidates matched exactly to specific project needs. Fast turnaround times will provide a valuable advantage for shut down or plant upgrade projects.

Reputable labour hire companies will have dedicated HR and HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality Assurance and Environment) departments. This is an assurance that the company will care for their employees.

Using a labour hire company like People 2U puts businesses at an advantage when searching for good employees. Using a labour hire company can significantly reduce recruitment and training expenses, as businesses have access to hundreds of skilled, industry-ready employees and the backing of experienced recruiters.

People 2U help Melbourne’s construction and manufacturing businesses solve their workforce problems by quickly supplying quality labour hire options for production, ticketed, technical and trades based roles.

Work with a committed and engaged Melbourne labour hire company to improve your workforce efficiency, call the team on 1300 728 222.

People 2U is licensed to provide labour hire services under the authority of Victoria’s Labour Hire Authority. Licence number VICLHL07013.