Understanding the key differences between permanent, casual and contract work within the labour hire industry can help businesses meet their obligations and hire the right employees for their needs.

Working with a professional labour hire company is one way in which organisations can ensure they make the right choice. Local labour hire company in Melbourne, People 2U, has found that this is a way for businesses to maintain flexibility while they grow, as a temporary contract worker can remain an employee or a contractor of the labour hire company. Melbourne businesses who choose to work with a company that provides both labour hire and recruitment can also make the decision to take on a worker as their own permanent employee if they choose to.

When choosing labour hire, People 2U says Melbourne businesses must ensure they work with a reputable company that protects the worker’s rights and clearly defines their role as a permanent, casual or contract worker.

A labour hire company in Melbourne may have labour hire workers who are employees or contractors. In either situation, the company will be responsible for providing all employee entitlements, negotiating fees and working arrangements with their contractors.

Permanent employees can be employed part-time or full-time and expect regular hours of work each week. They will receive paid leave and other agreed entitlements and the employment contract will only end under specified conditions where notice is given or received.

Labour agencies in Melbourne may also facilitate the services of casual employees. The building and construction industries allow for a special class of work known as daily or weekly hire. These workers are still treated as employees; they will receive all relevant entitlements and must have written notice of their employment status.

Utilising a contract worker allows companies to hire an employee for a specified project or time period. The worker is still an employee; however, an agreement will be in place to cover the specified length of the contract.

A labour and recruitment company like People 2U can provide businesses with a solution to labour hire problems. Working with a licensed, certified and experienced company throughout the labour and recruitment process will help employers find the employees they need, when they need them while maintaining flexibility.

People 2U has a dedicated HR department and 24/7 support, meaning they handle contracts and entitlements while providing support to companies taking on permanent, casual, or contract workers.

People 2U help Melbourne’s construction and manufacturing businesses solve their workforce problems by quickly supplying quality labour hire options for production, ticketed, technical and trades based roles.

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