Recently, a current Melbourne based client within the warehouse and distribution industry reached out to People 2U in need of quality employees to scale up operations at their Canberra site.

Originally impressed with the quality and convenience People 2U’s labour hire service provided in Melbourne, we were naturally front of mind when a need for people to be employed quickly arose in Canberra.

The initial request revolved around sourcing, screening and employing six people on day shift for one week. After the first two days, the client’s request doubled to 12 employees which we met before the end of the first week.

By the completion of the second week in Canberra, there were 22 employees across day, afternoon and night shift, all sourced and placed remotely from our Melbourne headquarters.

Chief Operations Officer Patrick Schirripa said clients can trust us to help them upscale quickly and successfully at whatever site they need across Australia.

“The fact we were able to conduct interviews, placements, onboarding and inductions with quality employees all remotely for our client shows that no matter where we are, our team can successfully help business solve their workforce problems quickly.

“From six to 12 and now to 22 employees, I am confident the labour hire demands at the Canberra site will continue to grow.

“We’re excited to be on a growth journey with this client and are excited to see what they achieve in the future,” said Schirripa.

People 2U can provide workforce solutions on demand and in this modern world it provides businesses with the ability to scale up and down based on their demands.

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