From those who love it, to those who hate it, here are the top six misperceptions we’ve heard people say about the labour hire industry which People 2U is currently embedded within Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney labour markets.

In 2020 according to a review of the top 300 companies listed on the ASX by Blenheim Partners, the average age a person becomes a CEO in Australia is 47. Our current CEO is currently in his mid 30's.

A lot of labour hire is casual because of the flexibility it provides to clients (hosts), however at People 2U we can offer permanent placements that can be either part time or full time in nature while still taking care of all HR elements for your business.

For example, due to the complexities of each business there isn’t a one size fits all model. We have supplied to many clients over the time permanent staff (that attract a placement fee) or permanent staff that remain employees of People 2U and are working for a host employer.

Our small team with a family feel is focused on people solutions from start to finish, we won’t leave you hanging halfway through the process.

There is a 24/7 helpline available for current clients and employees should a need arise to use it. We acknowledge other labour hire agencies count the numbers, but the difference at People 2U is that we count our people.

We have an extensive pool of over 500 active employees with a variety of licenses, qualifications and skills ready to help your workforce at the drop of a hat.

Plus, the People 2U team have substantial industry experience which comes with a large network to help find the perfect people for your needs.

When people first investigate using labour hire and recruitment services, they compare hourly rates to cost rates and can often see the difference as quite expensive.

What most people new to the industry don’t consider is while paying for the service of a quality labour hire company like People 2U, you gain access to a quality employee which is the right fit for your business, plus People 2U also looks after all the HR and on-costs for that employee. We take the hassle out of recruitment for you and take on the responsibility of the employee’s working rights.

Employees within the labour hire industry here in Melbourne as well as Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney are attracted to the jobs People 2U offer because they like the flexibility and choice it offers them.

They can pick up temporary positions and not be locked into a permanent job in a set location which is attractive to many quality employees who are reliable, have a great attitudes and excellent attention to detail.


People 2U is not your usual labour hire company in Australia. Enjoy a simple labour hire process, from start to finish, where every step is taken care of by a team who understands how much you need effective people solutions for your workforce. We know you need quality solutions, and you need them fast.

We offer experienced services in labour hire, recruitment, and HR, call us today on 1300 728 222.

People 2U is licensed to provide labour hire services under the authority of Victoria’s Labour Hire Authority. Licence number VICLHL07468.