At People 2U, our purpose is to be the trusted partner with our community of clients and employees, accountable to creating meaningful solutions. Linda Nendel, one of our labour hire and recruitment experts, has witnessed firsthand the pivotal role that a well crafted resume plays in securing employment opportunities. Drawing from her extensive 20 year career in recruitment, Linda sheds light on three common resume mistakes that could hinder your chances of success.

1 | Photos

Let’s set the record straight – at People 2U, we’re not hiring based on looks. Your photo holds no sway over your suitability for a role. Instead, we’re focused on your skills, experience, qualifications, and licenses. So, save the headshots for LinkedIn and let your credentials speak for themselves.

2 | Overly Formatted Resumes

In the world of recruitment, clarity is key. When reviewing resumes, our team values simplicity and ease of readability. Avoid heavy formatting that distracts from the content of your resume. Opt for a clean, black-and-white layout with a clear heading, prominently featuring your contact details and relevant experience. Remember, a clutter-free resume ensures your qualifications shine through.

3 | Lack of Clarity in Communication

Picture this, you receive a screening call from People 2U, excited about a potential match for the job you’ve applied for. But when it comes to articulating your wants and needs, you find yourself stumbling over your words. Effective communication is key during these initial interactions. Be clear, concise, and honest about your expectations, including your salary or hourly rate. Transparency fosters trust and sets the stage for a successful partnership.

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