In the evolving landscape of recruitment, seasoned professionals like Linda Nendel bring a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Linda’s journey from medical recruitment to the trades and labour sector with People 2U has been marked by a notable observation, the perceived gap between these industries is not as vast as one might think.

With over two decades of experience in recruitment, Linda is based in Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast region. While her expertise initially lay in placing professionals like doctors and general practitioners, she has swiftly adapted her skills to cater to the demands of the construction and manufacturing sectors.

At People 2U, Linda has encountered a diverse array of clients, ranging from general managers to HR departments. Yet, despite the shift in industries, the fundamental requirements for successful placements remain unchanged. Whether it’s an expert welder or a skilled tradesperson, qualifications, licenses, availability and commitment are universally valued traits.

The essence of a recruitment agency revolves around connecting talented individuals with opportunities where they can thrive and make meaningful contributions, no matter if one is staffing a hospital ward or a construction site.

What sets People 2U apart is our commitment to delivering top-notch workforce solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. With availability of hundreds of skilled workers who have been comprehensively screened and are ready to impact on your site, we’re here to support your business in meeting its staffing requirements promptly and effectively.

In the dynamic world of recruitment, adaptability is key. Linda’s journey exemplifies how expertise and best practices can seamlessly translate across industries, bridging perceived gaps and driving success for both clients and employees alike.

Whether you’re in need of construction labour hire, top-up labour for manufacturing projects, or staffing solutions tailored to your specific trade requirements, Linda has you covered.

People 2U help Australian construction and manufacturing businesses requiring fast workforce solutions including quality top up labour hire or reliable permanent recruitment options.

With flexible, budget friendly and quick turnaround times on offer, call People 2U on 1300 470 217 and we’ll find you the right person with the right skills needed for the job.

People 2U is licensed to provide labour hire services under the authority of Victoria’s Labour Hire Authority. Licence number VICLHL07013.